"From the bottom of my heart,
this campaign has kept me alive,
it’s what has stopped them from killing me
because they know that you are there."
JANI SILVA, environmental defender, 2021
Join the campaign and change a life today
When we all act together, we have the power to change lives.
Write for Rights is the world’s biggest human rights event, where millions of people around the world come together to protect the rights of others.
It began when a group of activists in Poland held a 24-hour letter-writing marathon, writing letters day and night on behalf of people whose rights had been wronged. 
20 years later, and it has turned into our biggest campaign where we all come together to protect the human rights of people at risk.
From 2,326 letters in 2001 to 4.5 million letters, tweets and petition signatures today,
Write for Rights supporters have used the power of their voice to help others.
Together, they’ve helped transform the lives of more than 100 people, freeing them from torture, harassment, or unjust imprisonment.  
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